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Review: Grill Daddy Pro Cleaning Tool

I'm reporting on another "As Seen on TV" product.  Although grill season is over we're reporting on The Grill Daddy Pro which is touted as the Revolutionary Grill Cleaning Tool with the power of steam.

Cleaning the grill is a chore but according to the infomercial style website the Grill Daddy Pro "uses the power of steam to break up caked-on food residue." Fill the hollow handle with water, heat the grill and open a valve, and holes between the stainless steel bristles release "a stream of water that steam-cleans that cooked-on, charred-on mess away in seconds." Sounds wonderful right?  another "why didn't I think of this myself" product.

My husband was excited when I told him I was getting sent this for review.  When this came in the mail it was huge - larger than we expected.  I guess PRO is a good word to add to the product name as this beast would appear to be able to clean a thousand grills.  It looks like a bench planer and this design actually helps you get in there and dig deep into the charcoal grease with ease.  My husband was pleasantly surprised he reported it worked quicker and better than his regular brush thanks to the heated water and the front brushes enabled him to manoevre into crevices that his standard brush couldn't.

- You can purchase on their online site for $24.99 + shipping & you'll get extra replacement brush heads and color changing beef thermometer
- A cheaper online option without the frills would be on for $21.98 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25
- Find a local retailer here and pair it with a coupon and this will lower your cost for a great affordable Christmas gift.

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample pack for review purposes and for our honest review, other opinions may vary.


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