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Review: Twin Draft Guard

The cold weather has finally dropped on us here in PA - this week its been low 50s in the day and 30s at night.  Time to put the heater on and watch my household bills rise.

I finally got the chance to try one of those "As seen on TV" products.  I've seen these Twin Draft Guard's at the drug store on my drug store freebie run and always think do they really work?  If you check out their website here (warning its a huge infomercial) then yes apparently it works.  The premise is the twin draft guards fit under your door and keeps heat inside and cold outside. 

So when I opened the box I was met by a long brown material and 4 foam tubes.  Assembly was quick and easy and I didn't need to cut the tubes as the length was perfect for my front door.

This is how it looks in the ads.

It fit perfectly at my front door but the problem is that I have a little step so the twin draft guard has to be guided over it.  For me in practice its great if I don't use my front door often and it certainly stops the draft from entering.  However, if I have to open my front door the guard falls out of place and I'm left dragging it across the floor and I have to rearrange.  If you have hardwood floors and your door has no step then this might be your answer.

The Twin Draft guard can be placed on windows too as you can cut down the foam tubes to size. Now my only question is what will happen to the outside portion when it rains?

You can purchase online here and get a bonus door hook for $19.99 + shipping and handling
The cheaper online option would be to purchase at for $11.39 & this product is eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
The best option is to head to your local drug store and you'll find them for $9.99 and pair it with a store coupon and you can try it for yourself without having to break the bank.
Disclosure: I was provided with a sample pack for review purposes and for our honest review, other opinions may vary.


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