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What brings joy and comfort to my life?

When asked the question "What brings joy and comfort to my life?" my very first thoughts of course are my Family.

Since getting married and having two beautiful children of our own everything revolves around my family.  My husband, my love is my go to guy, my back up and partner in crime through thick and thin.  We both have a common purpose - our two children who bring us so much joy!  We get the best cuddles, love and laughs from these two bundles of joy.

 We strive to give our children a good loving home and education so that we can enable them to be good upright citizens.  However, we all know children are expensive, first baby items like cribs, diapers, clothes and now toys, books and even more clothes.  In a 2009 report, overall, middle-income, married parents with two children spent between $11,650 and $13,530 annually to raise a child.  So through my family I discovered a new joy in my life and that is - you guessed it freebie shopping!  I first started couponing after the birth of my second child - my daughter.  As with most first time parents we brought all new and the best,  Never used coupons, just brought off the rack.  Then 21 months later, my daughter arrived and day care sticker shock arrived, then double the diapers and clothes and it seemed like we were never getting ahead.  So with my time on maternity leave I found a great website that offered deals on diapers and anything baby related.

Over time, I discovered super stacking i.e, stacking a coupon with a sale, then with a rebate, then with a store coupon and it all became too addictive as I found I could get quality brand name items for free.

I love to share my newfound hobby by giving back to my community.  With my stockpile of freebies I make up gift baskets and offer them to charities or local organizations to auction off.   Of course there are toys for Tots and local food banks that receive a lot from this household.  My biggest share is through my blog here.  I love freebie hunting and I used to send emails to my friends and after a while decided why not send it out to a wider audience.  In this economy, there is no reason to pay full price for anything when you can get it for free.  I love all the feedback from my newfound online friends.  There's nothing more rewarding than to find a freebie deal that benefits my family and then go share it with 2000+ others.
Freebie Alert
So here is a little freebie for you! head here so you can score your own free pack of Kleenex tissues.  I received this cute little box - perfect for my car.  Enjoy. 

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