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What I brought at The Foundary!

Update:  This is what I just got from The Foundry - its a chop board  that folds up to form a chute to become an effective colander - I've been chopping up my organic cucumbers all summer long and would have loved this gagdet. Its only $14 SHIPPED! 

I have my eye on this! this is perfect for cutting up all my organic tomatoes - I'm tired of having tomato juice run onto my counters and down onto the floor.  Perfect for carving that juicy Thanksgiving Turkey too!  Only $23 shipped!

The Joseph Joseph sale ends this afternoon order it quick.  Don't forget to get your friends to sign up too so you can earn some cash credits - read below for more information.

Don't you all love these Daily Deal Sites with those credits upon sign up? 

Well here's a new one! 
The Foundary provides daily deals for home essentials at up to 70% off retail. As a Foundary member, you’ll receive a daily email with new sales events (which typically start daily at 12PM EST and last 3-5 days) featuring products to shape your home at significant savings.

The Foundary doesn't offer a credit upon sign up HOWEVER, there's a twist on how you can score freebies.  Invite your friends to join, they only need to sign up and you'll get a $1 credited to your account (they do not need to buy anything) so thats an easy sell.  For 14 friends that you invite and they sign up you can score this cutting board for free for example.
For every friend that joins The Foundary, you will earn a $1 credit (even if they don’t make a purchase!) up to a maximum of $50! And once they make an initial purchase, you’ll earn $20 (what an incentive)! Plus, another $1 each time they make a subsequent purchase!

It appears that most items qualify for FREE shipping! The Joseph Joseph Kitchen sale has lots of really unique items available! These items would definitely make great Christmas gifts. They have Slice & Store cutting boards available which include a stainless steel Knife priced at $14 with FREE shipping, so get 14 people to sign up and you’ll be able to score this for FREE!

Have fun! Join here now.  Don't forget to ask your friends to validate their application by checking in their email and clicking submit button!


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