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Free $10 from Coinstar

Yay the Coinstar deal is back on. I've done this the last 2 years and love it.

We keep a change bin and periodically I'll sleeve them and take them to the bank - I usually cash in $40 at a time which is awesome. Well don't head to the bank with your loose change stash, take it to Coinstar to earn yourself an extra $10.

Coinstar is offering a $10 bonus when you cash your change in for an eCertificate for either iTunes, Lowe’s, Borders, Regal Entertainment or Rixty (Amazon participates on 12/9).

Take at least $40 worth of coins to your local Coinstar Machine

Select to receive your money as either iTunes, Lowe’s, Borders, Regal Entertainment or Rixty eCertificate. Coin counting is free when you select an eCertificate.

The machine will process your coins and give you a receipt with an eCertificate number on it to the merchant of your choice

Enter the promo code off your receipt here. It will instruct you on how to redeem your bonus $10 eCertificate. That’s like $10 for free!

You have until 12/31 to redeem your certificate!


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