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HOT! $50 worth of Safeway or Genuardis Groceries delivered for just $7

WOW shop first through ebates and you'll get $5.00 CASHBACK!  WOWZA

NOTE: I did this deal a few years ago (with Genuardi's who is part of the Safeway company) and it worked perfectly - some of my items were not in stock so they didn't charge me and I think my total ended up being something silly like 79 cents DELIVERED.  I felt bad as it cost way more for the guy to come deliver it but totally awesome.  Unfortunately they do not deliver to my area anymore and plus I'm not a new delivery customer.  If they deliver then you are in for a TREAT!

If you live by a Safeway that does online orders and delivery, you will want to get in on this deal! This is for new customers only and takes a little work but you will be getting $50 worth of food for just $7!!

*Go to and click on "FREE delivery" on the right side.
*Add $47 of groceries from the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE items (make sure these are b1g1 free items only)
*Then search "safeway water" and add (1) - 24 pack of water ($3.59)
*Then, use coupon code VALPAK15 to get $15 off instantly at checkout
*Also, use code refreshe24 to get the case of water for FREE
*Then, since it's your first order they will provide you with a coupon code to enter (you will see it above where you are entering the codes) and it will give you FREE delivery!
So this is what you're getting:
$47 worth of B1G1 items
$4 water
= $50
- $15 valupak15
- $5 water code refreshe24
-$23.50 B1G1 discount
FINAL PRICE = $7.25 delivered For $50 worth!!

*IMPORTANT NOTE- This is what is states about B1G1 - "Any applicable Buy One Get One Free discounts will be reflected on your final receipt at the time of delivery." So just make sure you are getting the correct B1G1 FREE items. :)
Thanks Hot Coupon Mama 


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