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HOT: No More Rack - give you & your friends $10 and earn yourself $5 back!

Here's a new Daily Deal Site: No More Rack

Follow these steps to get $10 applied to your account:
Sign up here
once signed up, click on My Profile.
Select Redeem a gift card.
Input the code P1070 and enter and you’ll see the credit in your account.

Once you've signed up you can email 5 friends a $10 credit to No More Rack. If they buy you get $5.
Thats pretty good deal as everyday at noon they have a new sale which can score you some freebies with your $10 credit.  So sign up here, check out their deals, email your friends their $10 credit and rack up the $5 credits!

Plus they have a pretty cool promotion for 2 days only (Dec 14-16th) - email your friends to sign up and you can score an ipod shuffle, Apple TV, ipod nano, ipod touch or ipad - sign up and find out how.


Richard Nelson said:

I seen online that Nomorerack offers deals of up to 85%. Are these real deals? I want to know this before I`ll make a purchase from them.

Richard N. said:

I posted a while a back to look for an answer related the NMR`s deals. I`m interested if they are real or scam before I make an order. Please, anyone?

Glen said:

I`ve bought from NMR many times. They are as genuine as as it can get. Those complaints you`ve found online a while back are normal in every brand`s life. NMR resolved those issues long ago.

Tony Rice said:

I myself filled a complaint about 2 years ago when I didn`t know that much about NMR. The problem was solved and since then I haven`t had any issues with them. I love Nomorerack!

James Reed said:

I in fact used this deal from Nomorerack giving my friends $10 which is pretty awesome.

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