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It Pays to shop online

I had a few gifts to buy at Sears and thought why not buy them online as I have a coupon code to use (sears5off50) and I also went via ebates to grab some cashback (4%) and I'll ship to store so I skip shipping charge.  Saves me having to run around the store as I'll head to merchandise pick up.

Well my order comes in immediately and I head to Sears in my lunch break that day. At merchandise pickup there is this automated machine where I scan my receipt printout and it states if my order is not given to me in 5 minutes I'll get a $5 store credit.  My first order is given to me by 3 minutes but my second order was over 5 minutes.  Yay free $5 coupon - free socks for the kids!

It pays to shop online!
It pays to be a Freebie Junkie


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