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With all the freebies, steals and deals out there I hope my posts helps everyone out but even at the checkout I still see a lot of people not only pay without coupons but fail to use a store card to get the sale price.  I just want to take them aside and give them a quick low down on couponing.  But then I must admit freebie shopping is not easy, its time consuming and lately my couponing has had to take a back burner with all the reviews and giveaways I've been involved with and of course the hubub of Christmas.  So sometimes things do have to move down the priority list.  However, during the holiday season giving is always on our priority list.  I share my freebie and deal items with friends, family and donate a lot to local food banks and charities.  Its the right thing to do.

There's plenty of ways to giveback but here's a new one for you to think about. is a charitable giving platform that empowers their members to earn, gather, and give money to the causes they care most about.  So just like the cashback sites that I'm so excited about, earn money for your foundation by shopping online (at 400 various online retailers) or you can easily make a donation using your credit card and receive a tax deduction.

GiveBack is free with no cost to you or the charities you support. All of your charitable gifts (to charities registered with the IRS) can be easily managed through one account and you will receive one tax receipt at year end for all that you gave throughout the year. And, best of all, 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity of your choice!

 Go to and sign up now... it's quick and easy and they will start you off with $5 in your account!
**As a member of One2One, I have not received compensation for this review but have entered a giveaway. The opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by One2One or anyone else.**


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