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It seems my kids go through a pair of sneakers every two weeks.  OK a little exaggeration, but if you are parents to two rough and tumble kids who are outside everyday then you know what I mean.  Every time I see their shoes there is a hole somewhere.  I ordered some replacement sneakers for my two little monkeys from the other day because they had an awesome sale and everyday free shipping and I stacked it with this $10/$50 link. I'm saving these sneakers as one of their Christmas presents - I got shoes for Christmas so passing down the tradition.

Well after I checked out they sent me information on a fun little referral program.  Refer 5 new people and get $100 back!  WOW.  If I just buy my next 5 pairs of shoes setting up new accounts I'll basically grab 5 pairs for free if I can find a pair $20 or less.  Stack it with the $10/50 link and I'll get more bang for my bucks.  My son is into those Skechers lights of course which are so expensive so the $10 coupon definetely makes a difference and free ship (and free return shipping) is a cool bonus.  of course you can always send the referral link to your friends and family too and all on your facebook and twitter account to make yourself a nice little $100 bonus ; )

If you are going to buy some shoes at then take advantage of this $10/$50 coupon and then after purchase they'll send you info on how to get in on this referral program.

Oh and how about winning free shoes (or $100 to boot)  Click here for more info (found on main page).

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