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Time of year to stock up....

If you have some cash still left in your wallet now is the time to stock up on next Christmas.  We may be 360 days away from Christmas 2011 but it will slowly creep up on us LOL.  On the serious side, with all the Christmas clearance sales its worth scouting around for toys, decorations and Christmas cards to set aside for birthdays and Christmas next year.

My favorite is Target, right now Christmas decorations are 50% and toys are 30%.  I stocked up on the Holiday design Bounty paper towels, paper napkins and plastic fork sets as these can be used now and throughout the year.  Plus I had the $1/1 Bounty coupons from the P&G big savings booklet and they worked perfectly with the 50% off clearance.  I stocked up on wrapping paper and Christmas cards.  It will go to 75% but I knew the paper towels etc.. won't last long at 50% off.

I scoped out the clearance toy aisle today at Target - its at 30% but hoping next week it will go to 50% and then 75%. 

My next favorite place to go is Hallmark, I love their Christmas card selection and some of the cute whimsical Christmas decorations.

If you are doing some clearance shopping in Kohls print this 20% off coupon to make your spend stretch that much further.  This coupon is good till Jan 1, 2011.  Thanks MoneysavingMom

What have you stocked up on so far?


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