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TLC Extreme Couponing - are you one of them?

Which do you prefer?
Extreme Couponing or Stay Low under the Radar Couponing?

While I'm addicted to freebies through couponing and love the thrill of the freebie chase, I do prefer staying low under the radar while couponing.  I don't like doing back to back transactions and will drive to another store to do another transaction or wait till the next day.  Even though I could technically walk away with several grocery bags full of free products after pairing sales, coupons and free coupons I tend to add some fruit to my basket so my total is not zero.  Once I've stockpiled enough of one product I donate to friends and family and those in need and do not stockpile until my stock is low.  Sales are cyclical and will come back.

Couponers regularly get a bad rap because cashiers are not fully trained or informed and so I don't want to be called out especially when I'm following each store coupon rules.  Most of my local stores know me as the couponer anyway just from coming in with my coupons but I'd rather not be known as "that crazy coupon lady".  Smart couponing is my motto - if you can't use it then its not free.

Well check out some extreme couponers tommorow on TLC channel at 8pm (EST), Nathan Engels (MrCoupon from Weusecoupons) is featured with his huge stockpile among one other who dumpster dives with her friends and family!  mmm yes I definetely prefer to coupon under the radar.

Check out this little teaser?  CRAZY


TinkerBellBabe said:

My hubby and I are "friends" with one of the managers at my fav Target (i.e. when she was a cashier she got to deal with me, and we get and i apologise for being a pain, and she always told me, "no honey, you're definitely not the crazy coupon lady" but they do have one. I NEVER want to be know as crazy for annoying people, just crazy for how much I save :) but the people I visit at Martins and Target and CVS, like me, because my coupon are always in date, organised, and for the right items, and I try to wait until they're not busy, so I can stay on their good side..LOL

God Bless,

Unknown said:

So I watched this show and because my husband and I are living on a such a tight budget I've decided that I want to become the crazy coupon lady! I know it's crazy but ever since i subscribed to your blog I just can't help but love that rush when i can get stuf for free or almost free!!

The Freebie Junkie said:

Rachel - your comment made me laugh! Yes the freebie rush is amazing! I always laugh when others don't get it as I'm laughing all the way to the bank! Have fun with becoming the crazy coupon lady!

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