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Who picked up their FREE Freaky pet today?


I chose the dark blue one in the pic above.  Its so cute, its a freaky pet and inside is a nice pet!  this will go nicely in my sons Christmas stocking.

The first 5 shoppers to get to their local Hallmark Gold Crown store and say the magic phrase “Are you a friend of Kromdar the Magnificent?” will score a free freaky pet.

So I went at lunch today to my Hallmark at my local mall and asked if they were participating in the freaky friday promotion.  The associate asked someone else and they said well they are supposed to have their child say it.  I responded that I work and my kids are at school.  She went in the back and after 10 minutes she came out and said there is a phrase to be said - I recited it after reading it from my post it note and she granted me a free Freaky pet!  I was the first customer to win it today!

Check here to see if you store carries the freaky pet and head on out as it seems like not many people know about it - the Hallmakr facebook page is not advertising it but there was one tiny comment made by Hallmark confirming the giveaway

Not sure if this $5/$5 printable coupon is still available but let me know if you print it!
Just go here to print a $5 off your purchase of $5 or more coupon to use at Hallmark Gold Crown! This coupon is valid through December 5th (Sunday) and should easily make for FREE greeting cards and more!

So far I've used 2 $5 peelie Hallmark coupons found in my Woman's Day and Martha Stewart freebie magazines and a $10 printable coupon (the printable link is expired now for the $10)  Awesome time at Hallmark!!

ps. my friend tried out the Freaky pet freebie at her local Hallmark with the opposite result.  The associate was rude and said we don't give anything out for free here.  She tried to use her $5 printable on 2 wrapping paper rolls which are supposed to come up as $5.99 but the lady rang them up as $3.99 each, when she explained that was incorrect the associate refused to ring it up correctly.  My friend was pregnant and did not want to argue and decided to leave the store!  Thats pretty rude.  I told her to write to corporate Hallmark and explain the situation so the store can be addressed.  I hope you have success!  I hate when us smart savvy Mom's are treated like criminals when armed with coupons.


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