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Are you turning your everyday spending into college savings?

Are you saving money with Upromise!

A friend recommended Upromise to me when I was pregnant with my son.  She said just by linking my store cards and credit cards I can rack up money into the Upromise account which can be used towards my sons education.  I had nothing to lose and all to gain!

While Upromise won't pay for College entirely it will be a nice little chunk of change to go towards a laptop or books when my children is of college age.  So through my everyday spending I save some money towards college.
Its so easy to set up, I linked up my drug store and grocery store cards plus my credit card and Upromise takes care of the rest.  Its crazy to see the money accumulate without me doing anything.  You can go above and beyond e.g. add ecoupons to your account to ramp up your savings.  Sign up here.


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