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Birthday Party Planning: Cake Pops are so cute!


I'm starting to plan my daughter's 4th birthday party which is early February.  I ran across these cute little cake pops.  Have you seen them?  I'm thinking I might try my hand at these for the class goody instead of cup cakes for her birthday and also making them for the party.


I love these Mrs Pots cake pops from Bakerella!  My daughter wanted another Princess party theme so I'm thinking I'll go with beauty and the beast theme as she already has the Belle dress.

Amazon has the Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes Book on sale for $10.67 and eligible for free shipping when you spend over $25. 

Anyone tried making cake pops?


trooppetrie said:

I have made cakepops a couple of times but nothing fancy with them. i love them. I would love to have this book

Our Village is a Little Different said:

These are super cute! I love them!

Brooke Anna said:

I just added a post today about my Big Top Cupcake and Cake balls I made for a Christmas eve get together!
My "Little Girl" <--- As I call her will be 3 on the 7th!

Jaimie said:

I made them for the first time using Bakerella's reindeer red velvet cake pops. They were easy and SO cute! Everyone I gave them to gushed over them. :) Do it! They are way fun!
PS--I used less frosting than Bakerella said, maybe 2/3 or 3/4 a container instead of a whole one. I messed up my first batch because they were way too gooey, so made them again using less.

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