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Birthday Planning: Medieval Castle from Box Creations

Have you seen these box creations?

I was thinking of purchasing a Medieval Castle for my daughter's Princess Belle party.  This would be a fun activity for the kids to color in the castle.  I'm sure it will take a beating and the coloring would be all over the place but the idea is to entertain twelve 4 year olds.

The Foundary has the castle for half price at $20 plus shipping so this is a pretty good deal - deal ends tonight.  The Foundary has an awesome looking pirate ship which I thought would make a great pirate party item for my son plus many more creations.

A Gaggle of Chicks had this deal for $5 back in December that I missed ; ( but if anyone brought one and can give me their opinions let me know.


Children Teaching Mama said:

yes! I love these. We bought one for my son for about $20 on ebay and he loved getting to color it. All the kids wanted to draw on it when they came over and they would play house all day! When we moved, it had to be taken apart, though, and it broke to pieces. :( I tried to get the deal at Gaggle of Chicks, but missed it, too.

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