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Dr Oz is giving away 2011 pairs of free Nike Shoes at 3pm TODAY

At 2.45 pm today get ready on your computer as at 3pm the internet will be down as a million and one people will be on trying to win one of the 2011 pairs of free Nike shoes that Nike and Dr Oz is offering on this link here

Last time Dr Oz offered Target gift cards and Shape shoes in December the site was super slow and not coming up for me.  It was super frustrating as I was there on the dot clicking away.  Some readers managed to score the deal 20 minutes after the fact due to the technical difficulties.  So if you don't mind the frustration of wasting 20 minutes of your life staring at the screen and pushing buttons repeatedly then click ahead.

I will be there doing it because I'm a sucker for free and since there are 2,011 pairs I might get a chance of winning!  Good luck everyone!  Let me know if you win.


Andrea Kruse said:

Thank you! I registerd... took a few refreshes to get through.

The Freebie Junkie said:

Yeah I registered - not sure if I got in but at least I got into the form - better than last time. keep trying guys!

Anonymous said:

I've been trying and refreshing for 45 minutes! Twice I got to fill in my info and then hit submit and it "failed". Frustrating!!!

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