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I'm featured on Rachel's Reviews & Giveaways

I just found out that I'm featured on Rachel's Reviews and Giveaway's 
Last week I posted my frugal find and Rachel selected me from the list to be the highlight for her giveaway linky post.

For my fellow bloggers, you should all be familiar with giveaway linkys - if not then linkys are a way to get your giveaway contest out to a wider audience, thus generate more interest to your giveaway, sponsor and blog.

For my readers, you should all be familiar with giveaway linkys as this is a quick way to hop from blog to blog and enter all the fun contests you like to win you some moola.  Some linky's have pictures, others have just text, there are an amazing amount of giveaways out there and many with low entries so your chance of winning is so much better than the lottery by far and even a raffle at your local fair. 

Be careful to read up on the contest rules before entering and here are some tips having held quite a few contests myself:
1) read the rules
2) don't forget to leave a contact email so the host can contact you should you win. 
3) when leaving your email address leave gaps in your email so spam bots can't track you down e.g. addicted to freebies @ gmail dot com
4) follow the rules...
I make time throughout the week to enter some contests and at the end of last year I racked up quite a few prizes.  Anyhoo - check me out here on Rachel's Reviews and Giveaway's and come back to tell me what you've won.
Thanks Rachel for hosting the Giveaway linky.


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