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New Year New freebies from Vistaprint

Vistaprint is offering six of their top products for free!
You will just have to pay shipping and handling.

Choose from: 250 Business Cards, a photo wall calendar, 140 return address labels, 10 folded note cards, stamp, and a pad of sticky notes!
Here are the starting shipping costs for each product.
•Free Business Cards: $5.67
•Calendar: $5.67
•Return Address Labels: $3.07
•Sticky Notes: $4.57
•Note Cards: $4.68
•Stamp: $6.31

I'm making return address labels and designing them as Valentine labels for the kids treat bags!  Nothing worse than writing on those bags with a sharpie

Not bad when you figure how much 250 business cards would cost you at a print shop! I have made both the return labels and business cards and have been very pleased with the quality and don't forget to choose slowest shipping - they do come a lot earlier than the stated dates.

Go here to start creating!


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