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Please Touch 50% off admission deal for my Philly readers!

Living near Philadelphia means we have access to a lot of cool places to visit and especially kid friendly places.  One of these is the Please Touch Museum, we went there this summer with friends and the kids had a blast and we will be back again this year.

Today on Living Social you can score one of the following a fabulous deal (50% off) at the Please Touch Museum!
2 admission Tickets & 2 carousel tickets for $18
or 4 2 admission Tickets & 4 carousel tickets for $36
or 1 centennial tour & 1 carousel ticket for $9

With family trips costing an arm and a leg these days, this deal is very reasonable for our weekend fun!  Sign up here to get in on this.

*Don’t forget: When you buy this deal you can send your unique link to friends. If just THREE of your friends also buy the deal, YOURS IS FREE!  Don't you love the freebies!


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