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Review: CalNaturale Wine - Organic, Convenient & Eco Friendly

My husband and I took a trip to San Francisco in the fall to see friends for fleet week - yes just the two of us - it was bliss.  We had a wonderful time especially in Sonoma visiting the wineries.  Oh the difference a $100 bottle of wine is to our usual! but its not to say you can't find a good bottle of wine for less than $10.  Recently, I was introduced to Menage a Trois on my Mom's night out - no not the action - the wine.  Its a California red wine and a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and on sale for less than $9!  it was delicious (I'm afraid I didn't pick up any wine tasting notes over in Sonoma) needless to say we brought a case of it as our "go to" wine.

So it was interesting coming back from Sonoma to review CalNaturale, an organic wine that is packaged in a tetra pak.  Don't think college party boxed wines though, I did a blind test on my hubby and served the wine without letting him know it came from a tetra pak.  He was pretty impressed with the organic Cabernet Sauvignon and said you never would know it comes from a tetra pak.  Although I'm accustomed to a wine bottle and a cork, this packaging offers convenience and is environmentally friendly.  The convenient Tetra Pak flexible packaging, is half the carbon footprint of wines in glass bottles - wow you learn something new each day!

We took the CalNaturale Chardonnay with us on our yearly trip to New York in December and it was great - I didn't have to worry that the wine bottle would break in transit or have to remember to pack a cork screw as the easy screw cap was just like opening a bottle of orange juice.  It was nice to come back to our hotel room after a long day of walking the streets of NY with a nice glass of Chardonnay and not have to pay the exorbitant room service charges.

Find your nearest retailer location here.  While there isn't one in PA, I'll be heading to a Whole Foods Market in NJ to add this to my "go to" wine.  CalNaturale wine is available in two sizes, 500 ML and 1 liter cartons, and sold for $6.99 and $12.99, respectively.  Not only do the two sizes offer options, but compared to traditional-sized glass bottles, you get more wine for your buck!
There's not many times when you find the words organic, convenient, eco and wallet friendly in the same sentence to describe wine.  Go grab some and surprise your hubby with a fun Valentines day picnic!


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