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Review: Free KinKast App - Share your video; its fast, private and easy

My hubby is a good man - he hooked me up with an iPhone this Christmas - yay for me.  I'm navigating around the App world and it seems like there is an app for nearly everything.  If I am out and about I can find the nearest bathroom or if I want to find the lowest price on a product I just scan a barcode with my iPhone and voila.  The world just got a little smaller... 

The best part is most of the apps out there are free to download. 
KinKast is one of them. We take a lot of video's of the kids these days and download and storage is an issue for me.  I'm not a fan of downloading as it takes time and then I do not want to clog up my computer or iPhone with videos.  KinKast has come up with a solution, the uploads are instant and no waiting since it uploads in the background plus KinKast safely backs up videos on their servers. 

My favorite features are I can trim videos on the phone and send an email link to a friend for a private view without making them sign up/in or I can send to a larger audience by posting the video on my Facebook page. Its pretty easy to navigate and share, just how it should be!

Videos will remain on the Kinkast site for 30 days unless you update from the Basic (free) to Premium program for $4.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly which includes unlimited storage on KinKast servers, access to all videos, all the time, videos safely backed-up, no ads and peace of mind.
Disclosure: I was selected for this Zooka Creative paid opportunity, all opinions are my own.  


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