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Review: Whole Coupon Insert - coupons galore!


I've come across a lot of deals lately that entail having 5 copies of this coupon and 5 copies of that coupon.  Its crazy to go buy 5 or 10 copies of the paper at $1.75+ a piece not to mention what do you do with all those paper apart from recycle it?  Some might think we're crazy needing so many copies but when its for an item we need then no its not crazy, plus if it turns into a moneymaker then even better.

 Luckily, I have a fabulous Mother in-law and Sister in-laws who save me their inserts each week.  However, for many of my readers they either buy multiple Sunday papers, dumpster dive (yes we've all seen Extreme Couponing on TLC), buy coupons from clipping services or ebay.  Well I just found an easier, less smelly (dumpster dive ref) and more cost effective way to score the Sunday paper inserts without even leaving your house.

Photobucket is a website where you can purchase the whole insert.

Most inserts are 50 cents or less + shipping.
Shipping for inserts starts at $2 (for approx 4 inserts). 20-35 inserts will run you $5.25 for Priority Shipping.

Thats a whole lot cheaper than buying 10 separate papers and also no need to waste gas - just a quick click of the mouse.  Inserts starts shipping on Friday (orders to be placed before 11 am) before the weekend insert will be delivered so you may be ready and armed to shop those stores on Monday depending on your delivery address. 

How cool is that!  So bookmark my coupon previews or head to Weusecoupons to see what coupons are included in each weekends insert and then head to to make your order.  Now when you see my freebie deals you won't have to roll your eyes and say I can't do that deal....  there's no can't in couponing ; )

Now wouldn't it be nice if someone would cut all those coupons out, order them in your coupon wallet and throw out the expired ones - we can only dream...  In the meantime Whole Coupon Inserts has kindly offered a fabulous giveaway to celebrate me having 2000 facebook fans.

Keep posted for the Facebook giveaway!

Disclaimer: Whole Coupon Inserts provided me the giveaway entry but it does not affect my review and opinion on the product.  This is written based on my own honest opinion (other peoples opinions may vary).


lizashan1024 said:

I will try them out!! I have been looking at the different options for getting my coupons and I want more than one set some weeks. I don't have family who get the paper and I hate wasting that many papers since we don't have an easy place to recycle them where I live. Thank you for your reviews and deals that you post!! You make it much easier for us that work all day and don't have the time to do a lot of research.

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