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Pamper Mom $300 Cash Giveaway {Twitter Links Group 1}


Lena M. said:

I can´t see the last entry, it says: This page can't be seen by the current user. Please check page privacy and visibility settings. :(


Me too. I can't see the last entry

This page can't be seen by the current user. Please check page privacy and visibility settings.

Unknown said:


maiylah said:

i can't see the last one, too... :(

jennifer blackburn said:

Followed all!

andreija said:

I can't see the last entry. Sorry.

Unknown said:

I can only see 3, even after I refreshed it :-(

steelmagnolia said:



I did them all - thank you

marylou said:

i always think i messed or missed something so heres to tryin and thanks for the chance gl all -after 20 yrs and chemo for me and all the glocoma operations for him would be nice to have a quite motel room an swim ,before he cant see at all -god bless all who enter

Anonymous said:


Jade said:

I can't see the last entry too.

Deeanne B. said:

Followed all!

kimberly jose said:

followed all 25.. thanks :)

tjdcost said:

Got em all!!

Pravas said:

Yes Followed All :D

Dusica said:

I don't see the last one, too.

Barbara Palermo said:

I can't see the last entry. Sorry.

Pinky Sade said:

can't see the last one like the rest

WCA Yash Travel said:

I can't see the last entry

Ascending Butterfly said:

Hope all the bloggers will follow entrants back who are bloggers also! I can be found at:

Keeping my fingers crossed I win, this is why:

marilyn said:

i hope i can get some more followers please. also add me if you like too. and i like back! don't forget to check out my blog too.

Seow wei said:

same to me here, I can't see the last one, can let me know?

Couponmaster said:

Liked them on facebook. Thanks for the list it is really easy to enter.
facebook - Deb Kovac
twitter - couponmaster11

darlene miller said:

i followed all. also on the rafflecopter it says leave a comment,about what you will do with the i pad,but i see no place to comment

Anonymous said:

following :-)

traci smith said:

i'm following everyone!

okasanbear said:

There is one blog between 3 thrift guys and sports Parenting where I am getting the message that it cant be seen by current user...

sistermomy at hotmail dot com

Unknown said:

Following, Thanks!

Rhonda Martin said:

Thank you everyone for sharing this fabulous giveaway with us~!
Rhonda Martin

Stephanie said:

thanks for giveaway

stephanie said:

'liked' all and thanks!

Cheryl Ackermann said:

Liked them all!!

CincyCheryl said:

Not sure why it has me as Chateau Pomije Winery (my ex's winery) should say my name Cheryl Ackermann.....just for verification purposes.

kimber widmer said:

One of mine {right above She Scribes} had an error.

bonz said:

followed all!

lovemychoc said:

Thanks soooooo much for this fantastic giveaway for Mom's!! I LOVE your blog;) I am following ALL on twitter @lovemum24;)

Carmen Lebron said:

Followed all

Terri said:

I followed all of the twitter pages under MyTwoPinkPeas. Thanks so much for the chance to win! Terri of Two Pink Peas

Camille said:

Followed all, thanks so much! said:

Thank you for this great giveaway!

Beinhealth3John1:2 said:

Followed all

Anonymous said:

Followed all.

tracy simms said:

ok--I hit my twitter follower limit of 2000 so I cannot follow any more twitter accounts--oh, well

Heather Herrera said:

I followed all

monteml said:

Followed all!!

Barbara Tryon said:

Followed all and thank you

Anonymous said:

Followed all but they're still showing blue and not grey. Hope all is well.

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