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SUPER HOT: FREE 24 Count Case of Enfamil Nursette Bottles

A question was asked in the comments section below: here's the answer

Picture copied from Wrightwaytosave site.

y children (babies) were on Enfamil after 6 months of bf so I know how expensive formula is.  I spent a lot of time trading formula checks, pairing them up with sales and rebates to lower my costs and did pretty well!

Well for you lucky Mom's out there - through 1/31/2011, you can score this awesome freebie! Just call this number 1-800-BABY123 to request your FREE 24 count case of the 2 fl oz Enfamil Premium Newborn Nursette Bottles.  The Wright Way to Save found this deal on a flyer, called and received her Enfamil - so it does work!  Even if you don't have kids, call and donate them to a daycare, shelter or your friends!  Make somebody's day with this awesome freebie!

NOTES found on another site
When you call, they ask you for your name, phone number, address, when your due date is, and the name of your delivery hospital. I chose not to give them my email, so you don't have to if you don't want to. They will ask you for the code on the back of the coupon... It is LA3960 NEW 11/10. The coupon code is the same on all of the coupons at my doctor's office, so you all can use it if you want... It's not code specific. The call wait is long right now, so call back later.
Don't forget to sign up here to register with Enfamil - they periodically send you Enfamil checks in the mail.  Do the same with the other formula brands and go trade them with your friends so you can save money. 

Oh the Pediatricians office offers up free samples too.  Don't forget to ask your Pediatrician at your next visit.  My Pediatrian was awesome and would load me up at every visit!  Plus check around the desks as there are formula coupons lying around too!  ahh brings me back to the baby days.


Anonymous said:

The line was busy the first 3 times I called but finally got through

A said:

I just finally got through and got a recorded message that they are currently experiencing system problems and to call back later :(

Anonymous said:

When I called they asked for what the red ribbon on the front of the flyer said.

The Freebie Junkie said:

Updated the post with the answer anonymous!

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