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Win $3,150 (starts at 3PM EST TODAY) - Another Dr Oz Giveaway - be prepared to be FRUSTRATED

Prepared to get frustrated - Dr Oz is at it again!
Today at 3PM EST, Dr. Oz is giving away 3 checks in the amount of $3,150 each. To snag one of these huge checks, you must be one of the first 3 eligible entrants to complete the form found here (remember, you need to wait until 3PM EST/Noon PST to complete this form).
Will you try it not?  I am in two minds!  I'd rather it be a regular win through a random drawing than a silly first 3 to fill in form whereby a million people try all at the same time and crash the system and you are left wondering after clicking your mouse a thousand times ....  Oh the things we do for freebies.
Thanks  Hip2save

An easier and quicker and less frustrating way to win freebies is through entering my giveaways.  Scan the right hand column to find my long list of giveaways!


WAH Adventures! said:

frustration is exactly what it caused...

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