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ACME Grocery Store Freebies this week - HURRY IN

I'm slowly getting back to freebie grocery store shopping. 
My pantry is pretty full but I couldn't resist this deal at ACME.

This week (My store ends their sale Thursday night so hurry in) there is a catalina deal (like register rewards) - spend $25 get back $10.  The beauty of ACME's catalina deals is the $25 spend is on shelf price (original price) not sale price so if you work out the shelf price you'll actually be spending a lot less to get to the $25 threshold!  Don't forget to bring a calculator to the store and check shelf price as each store is different.  Oh and also rinse and repeat with your $10 catalina coupon as it does rollover - just make sure your total doesn't go in the negative - be healthy and add a bunch of bananas in or something.

So here are some freebie scenarios:
Swiss Miss
If the shelf price is $2.99 then you can buy 9 (9x3 = 27) for $9 and get back $10 for a $1 Moneymaker

Healthy Choice Soup
If the shelf price is $2.69, then you can buy 10 (10 x 2.69 = 26.90) for $10 and get back $10 so they are free.

Banquet Dinner or Manwich
If the shelf price is 1.99 then you can buy 13 (13 x 2 =26) for $13 and get back $10 for $3 oops

Snack Pack Pudding
 If the shelf price is $1.80, then you can buy 14 (14 x 1.80 = 25.20) for $14 and get back $10 for $4 oops

This is what I got the other day
2 Snapples 6 pack (Shelf Price $6.79) Sale price $5
4 Hunts diced tomatoes (Shelf price $1.39) Sale price $1
3 Healthy Choice noodle soup (Shelf price $2.69) sale price = $1
Used $1/1 Snapple manufacturer coupon
Used $1/3 Hunt tomatoes manufacturer coupon
OUT of pocket $15
Got back $10 catalina coupon
= $5 after catalina coupon
RINSE & REPEAT to make this deal even BETTER
I'm heading back after work for another session!

My friend got this
10 Hunts pudding (1.69) -$1x10 = 10
1 hunts diced tomatoes(1.39) – $1 = 1
1 PAM Cooking spray(3.99) - $2.50 = 2.50
1 Blue Bonnet spread(1.89) -$1x2 = 2
Total = 15.50 got back $10

Happy Freebie Shopping


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