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OVER: Free $10 Pinkberry gift card (refer three friends to Plum District) TODAY

Thanks Amy - Deal is not working today!  DRAT
I'm a huge fan of daily deal sites, while you do have to be careful their prices are high on some items when you pair a coupon code or stack it with ebates or find a credit and refer friends it makes it so worthwhile and you can score some wonderful freebies.

 Plum District is one that I've posted about and they have a sweet deal right now. Refer three friends to Plum District and you’ll earn a $10 Pinkberry gift card. Your friends must sign up through your unique referral link by TODAY (February 16, 2011) in order for you to qualify. They do not need to purchase anything, they just need to sign up for a Plum District account.

To get your unique referral link, just sign up for a Plum District account, if you don’t have one already. Then click on “My Account” and then “Refer My Friends” to get your unique referral link. Just email this to your friends or post it on Facebook or your blog. If three of your friends sign up by tomorrow, you’ll receive a free $10 Pinkberry gift card.

Note: There isn't a Pinkberry location near me but I'll hold onto it when I hit New York this year.  Check for a Pinkberry store location here

Thanks Coupon Pro


Amy said:

That was yesterday... it is showing that the deal is over now on the site

The Freebie Junkie said:

Thanks Amy!

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