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If its too good to be true then it isn't??

OK, I've signed up for a few deals over the years and I win some and rarely lose some.  Of course a lot of my deals are winners and fuel my next freebie or deal quest.

I try my best to find the deals that are real and relevant to you all
So I wanted to throw this one back to you all for your thoughts. This was on a postcard that I received from Carnival Cruise to my husband.

In celebration of our grand Opening in your area.  You have been selected to receive a complimentary 8 day/7-night Cruise for 2 with an outside cabin, leaving from any major port in the U.S., including New York City.

Call within 48 hours.  you will also receive as a bonus
2 Roundtrip airfares leaving from or going to any major aiport in the continental US!

This is not a timeshare or land sale offer
Certain restrictions apply, call for details of participation.  This is not sponsored by or affiliate with Carnival Cruise lines, but they are a major supplier.

OK whats your thoughts?
I obviously did not call but still curious to what the deal scam is


Erica said:

My mom received something like this, only it was a phone call left on our machine.
She called and the person asked for her credit card over the phone and they said it was to hold her place. She refused to give them her card saying if it was 'free" they don't need a card. They they told her that they have to have a deposit and when she refused to give any info the person on the other line hung up the phone. I assume its a scam and they just want credit card information. Maybe call carnival cruise directly and ask them instead of calling the number.

Anonymous said:

I agree with Erica!

The Freebie Junkie said:

WOW - you'd think Carnival Cruise and US Airlines would sue them for using their name in the scam

247mama said:

We've received similar 'offers' in the mail before. The one time I called they started tacking in all these fees, by the time they were done with all their "fees" we could have paid for a trip anywhere! Thankfully I had not given them a credit card # or anything else so we just hung up.

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said:

I actually get these often! All the time in my mailbox. I have a few that actaully look like tickets with all the same types of information and codes that my moms actual Carnival Cruise Line ticket had! WOW! I thought I was the only one....

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