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If you don't hear from me about this store's deal - then here's why

Update: it appears said store is in trouble with google - google it and you'll see why and why blogs like mine are under the gun - although I was certainly not part of their  little scheme.  Here's a link to one of many articles floating around out there in cyber space - very interesting!

There is a perfectly good reason why you won't hear about any deals from this store pictured above on my blog anymore.

Today I received a cease and desist for all links to said company to be taken down from The Freebie Junkie
A cease and desist (also called C & D) is an order or request to halt an activity (cease) and not to take it up again later (desist); or else face legal action. The recipient of the cease-and-desist may be an individual or an organization.

Thats fine by me - I only went in this store to pick up my free SepXXXa items and to get from the parking lot to the other mall stores (LOL).  If you need any deals from said store it looks like you might need to head to its competitors like Sears and Kohls who are happy to get free publicity from Mom bloggers like me.

In the meantime I have bigger fish to catch - goodbye said store - hope you make it through the downturn.


Children Teaching Mama said:

Amen! I don't understand why they wouldn't want FREE ADVERTISEMENT! Too bad for them!

Twinmom+1 said:

Wow, maybe said store needs to lose some business to see that Mom bloggers have lots of power.

As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman,
"Big mistake! Huge!…I have to go shopping now!"

Anonymous said:

Wow. That surprises me with this company. Guess we don't have to shop there anymore, huh? ;)

Anonymous said:

I don't really shop there anyway. Seems like I should cancel my email subscription so that I don't get updates on deals I can't post anyway!

The Freebie Junkie said:

Twinmom+1 - love the Pretty Woman quotation! Definetely a 'Big Mistake.."

Unknown said:

So I know you can't talk about it, but can you tell me a good phrase to google to find out what the heck happened? I'm having issues figuring it out :)

Unknown said:

Try googling "said store" & google. It will come right up.

Nancy -The Frugal Dietitian said:

At least you know it isn't YOU!!!

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