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Apply to be a McCormick Consumer Testing Member

Do you love trying out new products?  how about getting paid to do it?

Yes me too!

Well I just got into my second McCormicks Testing campaign just now.  They will send me a product to try, I try it out and then fill out the survey and for that I'll get a $15 Amazon Gift Card - How cool!

Well the application to join this program is open - click here to apply! Hope you get in.

Oh I forgot to mention I do internet surveys and get paid $5 Amazon gift cards!  I've done 4 so far.


Anonymous said:

I just signed up, hope I get in!

Ty Chic said:

I just signed up also!!! I love new foods and trying things.. My boys love it even better.. with 3 of them its sure fun to get them involved!!! lol Thank you!!!!

Stephanie said:

WOW, what a great program, I signed up as well, I hope I get to try it out, I love cooking! Thanks for the info!

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