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Are you feeling Lucky? Its Your Lucky Day - Free Redbox Codes

Are you feeling Lucky?

I feel lucky as I'm blessed with a wonderful healthy family. 

What more can you ask than that?

 In this day and age families are torn apart through economics, war, disaster and illness and here I am blessed with two healthy children and a lovely husband who through their unique energetic being makes each day special and memorable even through the good and the bad.  I'm lucky as my husband provides generously with his love and in my childrens eyes he's the coolest Daddy in the whole universe.  My children are lucky to spend quality time with both Grandparents and all the Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and extended family play an important part in our lives too.   

I feel lucky to live in countries that allows freedom.  In our comfy western lives we are too caught up in the now that we forget there are others around the world who are fighting for their lives and have nothing to eat or a roof over their head or are persecuted for the color of their skin or religious beliefs.  I feel lucky that I not only have food on the table and a roof over my head but I am equipped with knowledge and experience through hard work and persistance to provide for my family and that I have a voice and can be heard.  I feel lucky that I can make choices about the way my family lives, that we can have a say in our future through recycling efforts and support others through charitable donations.

So whenever that freebie deal doesn't pan out or the basement floods or the electricity bill comes in I just think about my family and all that we have and my silly notions just fly away.

It's your lucky day because the only thing better than $1 a night movies is FREE movies!

Who doesn't like Redbox? Redbox is at my local grocery store and its so convenient to pick up groceries and a movie. You can take it back to any store that has a Redbox rental.  Plus pay only $1 per movie.  We spend quality time on Monday night watching movies and Redbox is our source of movies because who can't beat $1 movies.  So now with the free movie opportunity there is no excuse.

Lucky you though as Redbox is giving everyone the chance to score free movie credits now through St. Patrick’s Day during the Redbox Lucky to Have Friends Like You promotion.  Rental credits are valid for ten (10) days after they’ve been deposited into your account. Tell your friends, to tell their friends, and start rolling in free movies this March.

Sign up here for your free rental code.

Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and redbox blogging program, for a $25 Walmart gift card from redbox. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”


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