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As Mom bloggers are aware blogging is a passion we enjoy for the fun of it and the rewards from reviewing products are amazing but we know all too well the long hours involved.  I've spent countless hours in the wee morning blogging and its because I'm passionate about coupons, deals and freebies and my readers.  Freebies are time sensitive so I'm on here every day.  So, sometimes monetizing my blog helps fend off my urges to just quit because the equation doesn't quite work sometimes for my hectic life.

You too can monetize your blog.  One way is through Social Spark.  Through sponsored posts, that you can easily negotiate the paid price you will easily rack up money for your time.  Sponsored posts are for products that you and I and your readers would normally use so why not make some money too.

Social Sparks has challenged the Social Sparks members to a referral contest, so sign up here and start earning money.  We will be eligible to win a trip to Maui - how cool would that be - blogging from Maui - or maybe I won't blog and just enjoy a nice Pina Colada beach side......

If you are interested in blogging feel free to email me and I can give you the low down.


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