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Hop To It this Friday (April 1st) Candy, Chicks & Rock N' Roll

We were very fortunate to be picked to watch the early screening of the new Easter Movie "Hop" at the Rave 6 movie Theater in University City, Philadelphia this past Sunday with the kids thanks to Social Moms Movie Mom campaign with Universal Studios.

We had already seen the trailers on TV and this movie was already on our list to see. 

The movie blends state of the art animation with live (human) action. The Director of the movie was the same Director as Alvin & The Chipmunk plus the Producer was the same Producer as Despicable Me so from the get go you know this movie is going to be good.  Hop is a comedy about EB (voiced by Russell Brand) the teenage son of the Easter Bunny.  E.B. is more interested in beig a drummer than taking over from his Father as the Easter Bunny and on the eve of being transfered ownership of Easter Bunny rights he decides to leave his home on Easter Island for Hollywood to make his mark as a drummer.  He runs into Fred (James Marsden - yummy actor) literally and manipulates Fred into helping him achieve his goal and on the way there are fun, mischief and chaos.

Waiting for the movie doors to open & with EB

My kids loved the movie, being that Easter is round the corner this has got them so excited for Easter and now I feel the urge to decorate my yard with easter eggs and gifts the night before Easter.  The movie was very entertaining for adults and children alike and I loved seeing other stars in this movie such as David Hasselhoff and Chelsea Handler.  We would definetely recommend going to see Hop and now can't wait for it to go to DVD as I'm sure this will be played on our Movie Monday nights as often as Toy Story and Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Here's a teaser trailer for you to see


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