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I Wish I Could Stand all Day

I sit for a majority of the day for my job, I hate that, for the fact that I only move for bathroom breaks and lunch and of course home time, but I can think of worse, I could be out in the elements working for much less or simply out of a paid job.

I live in cube land at work and often think of my dream office.  Wouldn't it be fun to go pick out new office furniture - check out these new office desks.  The Diversity stand table from CSN Stores pictured above would solve my sitting issues, but not sure I could really stand all day?

This office desk above would work as it has a hi/lo function, so I could raise the table for when I feel the need to stand and get some circulation or lower it for when my legs have had enough.  Now the other thing I need is a treadmill - wouldn't that be funny!

I've always wanted to use one of those ergonomic stools, but then I'd expect to be given a massage at the same time too.

In the meantime, I'll continue to dream of the day when I can work from home and choose my own fun office space.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for CSN Stores


Karen T said:

I NEED that!!! The hi/lo desk would be so perfect for me. I think I heard of some sort of treadmill desk once, but stuff like that is always so expensive. With all the desk time I'm putting in, the desk makes a TON of difference!

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