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Is your Home Secure? Home security is money well spent!

When I take the kids out for a walk or bike ride I'm one of those people that lock the entire house up even though we only go up and down our culdesac.  My Mom is the same way, when she leaves she double checks the locks and often gets paranoid and have to come back to double check again.  My husband just rolls his eyes but in this day and age you never know... 

Its not only about lost possession and damage but you read the news about murderers and goodness what else, so a little preventative measure goes a long way.  Since we both work we take great care in ensuring our newspapers only come at the weekend, we ask neighbors to bring in any mail packages especially during vacations.  We have lamps set on timers too, not only for asethetic reasons and periodically check all entry ways to ensure they are secure and no compromised with wear and tear.

Finally, we have complete peace of mind as we have a home security alarm installed from  Just having a security sign outside my home and stickers on my windows and doors is a deterrent in itself but take it up one notch by having an installed for complete security.  I love the fact that I can remotely turn my alarm on and off within my garage.  My alarm system is hooked up to the local Police station as well as the ADT central office and you can have several call numbers listed so they can locate you if an emergency arises.  Plus the system requires little disruption to your walls during installation.

With little ones at home, security is very important to me and its money well spent.

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