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Military Tuition Benefits at Ashworth College

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I was very fortunate to be offered full scholarships and paid living expenses for my Degree and Masters back in England.   When I moved to the US I was shocked to find out how much college costs over the pond.  Its sad that only those whose parents can afford it could consider College with ease.  For all others it means a hefty loan at the end of your studies which could take years to pay off.  We have two little ones and goodness knows how much it will cost when its their turn.  Of course everyone hopes their child is offered a scholarship based on merit through sports or their grades but that is not guaranteed.


 Whether you are considering college for your children or even for yourself to take the next step in your career path, Ashworth College should be on your list to consider.  Ashworth College offers a comprehensive and nationally accredited online education.   Ashworth College offers more for your money than other educational institutions. The reason? There is no brick or Mortar to maintain, so they save on expenses and can pass along the savings to you.  Your textbooks and study materials are included in your tuition.  With tuition at 50% less than the average online accredited schools  your money goes that much further so you can focus on your studies without the worries of bills.

Military Tuition Benefits

Ashworth College is currently offering Military Tuition Assistance including, Post 9/11 and Montgomery GI Bill Education Benefits.  Military personnel and their families can now receive up to $13,500/36 months of education benefits.  If you're an active duty, a military spouse or veteran this could mean little to no out of pocket expenses to achieve your educational goals.  Wouldn't it be nice to graduate without debt?  To enroll or learn more head to Ashworth College website.

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