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Our Favorite Things at Easter

This year has started off super quick and soon Easter will be upon us - April 24th to be precise.
This time of year bring great promises as spring begins, the flowers blooms and we can start opening the windows to let fresh air in and shake out the cobwebs during our spring clean.  We put the same effort into Easter as we do the other fun events throughout the year such as Fourth of July, Halloween etc..

Easter to us means:
1. A religious celebration of the ressurection of Jesus Christ. 

2. Time to put out the Easter decoration.  Every year after Easter I head to Hallmark and Target to pick up Easter decoration at 50-90% off.  Its fun to open up my box of goodies the next year and be surprised with my great buys.

3.  Time to dress the kids in their Sunday best and bribe them with candy so they will smile next to that big bunny that does not resemble all the fluff and goodness that Easter represents.  Again, I pick up the kids Easter clothes on clearance the year before after Easter has been said and done.

4.  Time to cut coupons and look out for store deals so I can buy candy at a steal to fill those empty egg shells for the big candy hunt.

5.  A huge Easter brunch feast.  After Church on Easter morning we head to a family gathering, my sister in law hosts both sides of the family for Easter brunch.  My husband is the last of 6 and my sister in law is the last of 9 so this is a fun get together.

6.  Family fun decorating eggs - we cook up a bunch of eggs and dye them and then decorate the eggs using stencils, glitter and stickers.  The fun part is eating them too (make sure you keep the eggs in the fridge for storage).

7.  Reading Easter related books - we enjoy story time before bed and the kids enjoy pulling out the Easter books.

8.  Easter egg hunt I - a few weekends before Easter we head to our local township annual Easter egg hunt.  The ground is littered with eggs and its always fun to capture the kids on film among the sea of eggs. 

9.  Easter egg hunt II - At the family brunch we unleash the countless eggs that were filled by yours truly and let the kids run amok.
10.  Chocolate overdose - my children like every child in the world are allergic to chocolate i.e. they display crazy behavior and if not let out after an episode will hit all four walls at lightening speed : )

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