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Stay Connected Easily with the CMomGo iPhone App

My life is busy enough as a full time Mom with a full time job and a full time working traveling hubby.  Top that off with my full time job as a Home Economist and part time personal playdate organizer.  I try to have my cake and eat it and sometimes I pull it off but other times it doesn't go as planned because I need some help organizing everything.   My hubby gave me an iPhone last Christmas to solve my organizational issues and I'm loving it as now I can access all my information in one handy dandy piece of electronic.  There are so many apps to help me be more efficient too - whatever did we do before Apple?

A new iphone app that we busy Mom's should take note of is CmomGo.  I was given the opportunity to review this app and I jumped at the chance because I regularly coordinate playdates with my children's friends and I'm not a big phone talker yet don't have the time to figure out multiple schedules through email.  The CmomGo App allows users to create private circles, so in my case I would invite all my playdate mom's to join a private circle and here we would share our schedules, photos and place messages.  The share schedule feature is so important especially for birthday planning, my husband is one of 6 and trying to coordinate a date between my husbands siblings and their family is not an easy task.

The simple to use dashboard means navigation is quick and easy with the four available icons.  You can also access your CmomGo account and all the info from your computer at home at the CmomGo website.  The website has all the same functions so this works well for me as I know not all my friends have iphones - they can still join and be part of the circle and keep up with the activities!

I like the fact I can make several circles, one for my playdate moms, one for my girls night out ladies and another for my work friends and family members. 


I'm always taking pictures of the kids on my iPhone so the gallery is a neat feature to share my iPhone photos with just a few clicks.  I'm forever forgetting dates and this will only get worse as the kids activities increase as they get older, so the personal reminder feature is a welcomed feature for me. 

See how it all works in this 2 minute video here

Staying connected has never been so easy - purchase the CmomGo iPhone app here for just $1.99.



DealiriousMama said:

That is really cool! I really, really need an iPhone. :)

Claire said:

i have seen this! it's REALLY helpful! i would recommend it to every mom!

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