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Wednesday Whine - When will we learn?

I don't normally whine on my blog as I like to show a sunny disposition as we are here to talk about freebies which are fun and well free and also I have two little kids at home who do their fair share of whining ; )

But today I'm going to Whine......

With the double natural disaster whammy that Japan was recently uncruelly dealt with, I think the leaders of each country including America should stand up quick sharp and think carefully about their own energy resources.  I don't want to take away from the thousands of people who have died in Japan and the thousands who are suffering right now from loss of home, community, power etc... and the ongoing nuclear crisis but here we have a case of lets learn and take action.....

I recently saw a house in my township had installed solar panels on their roof.  I was intrigued as I've always wanted to entertain the idea that I'm doing my fair share for the environment.  I recycle, freecycle and grow my own food in an organic garden.  I'm not an environmentalist or a crunchy mama by far but the thought of saving money and also potentially making money through solar panels excites me and should excite you too.  Why not harness Mother nature which is free for our benefit and the environment's sake? 

Imagine if we were in control of our own destiny - no more reliant on the Middle East for exorbitant oil prices and also its been rumoured the Middle East may soon be exhasting this non renewable source.  What about our children?  This mentality of "take take take" has to stop, we owe it to our children and our grandchildren and their children to give them a safe secure future, give them a legacy that we would be proud of.  We need to move to investing in renewable energy sources for the future, reap the benefits later.

Have you heard the saying: “If a man is hungry and you give him a fish, he will be hungry again tomorrow. If you teach a man to fish, he will never go hungry again.”?

Enable yourself to be in control of your destiny.....

Now I don't have the answers - thats why I'm not the President but if anyone has any ideas please share...

Disclosure: All whines are of my own, other's whines may be different....

If you haven't done so send a $1 to the Japan relief fund here for free.  Good till March 22nd!


DealiriousMama said:

I completely agree. When natural disasters strike, it should be a wake-up call to other countries. This could happen to you so, be prepared. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we take it seriously enough and when, god forbid, something does happen, like Hurricane Katrina, we see the consequences. I hope this isn't always the case. Great post!

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