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Beware of Email Scams

Yesterday, I received an email from a reader asking me if this email is from me?

sent from kathyatfamilyassistdotcom (not my reader)
Subject: Re: 70 prizes 65 winners $2300 in prizes ends - ~ the freebie junkie
Would you be available to discuss this on the phone ?
Please note my blog email address is addictedtofreebies at gmail dot com ONLY!! 
I would never ask for someone to give me their telephone number, social security number, name of children, husband, workplace etc... get the idea? actually I did have to request telephone number one time for a sponsor as they needed it for delivery as the form required it. But its rare!

From what I can tell is this is an email scam whereby "they" probably came across the email address in one of my giveaways and tried to lure the recipient into thinking they are a giveaway winner and to then give their personal information.  The wierd thing is the 1 year blog anniversary giveaway has not ended yet so there in itself is a RED FLAG

Here are some ways to protect yourself:
1. When entering blog contests sign up with Google Friend Connect and ensure your email is in your GFC account.  This way you don't need to leave your email in the comment box as I can access it tthrough your GFC account by clicking on the comment box.  Its too many steps for a scam artist to take to retrieve your email address through GFC. 

2. Set up a separate email account solely for entering contests and you'll be secure to know any personal requests are for contests reasons only.  Be sure to check regularly though as winners only have 48 hours to respond when they win.  In gmail I feed my other account into my main account so I can be up to date without switching accounts throughout the day.

3.  If you need to leave an email adress do not write in full e.g. do not write instead write freebiejunkieatgmaildotcom or freebiejunkie @ gmail dot com etc..  spam bots cannot read broken up email addresses.

4. Use common sense - if its too good to be true or you have a funny feeling then go with that instinct.   My reader emailed me and asked if it was me.

5. For facebook contests, set up a separate account for your facebook contests or remove the app soon after you enter a contest.

Be safe out there on the net!
Be assured your information provided are not used in any other way than to let you know you are a Freebie Junkie winner : )


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I have been getting these, they are using other bloggers contests to.

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