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These gift card center's are everywhere, I've seen them in all my grocery and drug stores.  These are handy to pick up as a gift for that special person who is hard to buy for - BUT........
........I don't go to these card center's anymore because I realized I can buy discount gift cards online at Cardpool that allow me to buy gift cards at a great discount.  I can also sell my unwanted gift cards so I can free my money up to buy a gift card that I want. is the largest and fastest growing gift card exchange - you can buy gift cards for up to 35% off or sell gift cards for up to 92% cash back.

 Now with the discounted gift cards I can take my online shopping to a new level.  With coupon codes for free shipping and % discounts stacked with cashback sites such as ebates and Shopathome, I can further increase my savings with reduced priced gift cards from Cardpool.

How it Works
You can buy gift cards at Card Pool and save up to 35% with Free Shipping.  There are hundreds of merchants to choose from - all discount gift cards have no fees and no expiration dates - the price you see is the price you pay!  All regular gift cards are shipped through USPS First Class Mail which typically takes 3-7 business days to arrive at most locations.  If you order any electronic gift cards, they'll email them to you as soon as they process your order.

Simply enter your gift card information and Cardpool will make you an offer up to 92% of the gift card value.  Using their FREE shipping label, you mail in your gift card and you can get paid by cashier's check, Amazon gift card or facebook credits.  For instant transactions sell your online gift cards through electronic redemption.

I personally like the 10% saving on itunes and 10% savings on Disney Store Gift cards.  These are gift cards that I frequently buy online - every penny saved is a penny earned.

Registration is FREE - sign up here to start saving!

Disclosure: This post was written for Cardpool for my honest review, others opinions may vary.


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