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CVS Explained


Drug stores are a great source of freebies, I wanted to explain a little about CVS

Reward Card
CVS incorporates a reward card called ExtraCare that looks like this. 
You can sign up for one in store or online here.

Why do I need a card?
You get extra care bucks when you use your cards - these are coupons with your reward bucks printed on them that you can use on your next purchase - most deals are restricted to one per card per household.

Earn Extra Bucks
Earn 2% back with every purchase in-store and online at CVS/pharmacy
Earn 1 Extra Buck for every 2 prescriptions purchased in-store and online at CVS/pharmacy
Every quarter you will get a coupon with your earnings to be used on your next purchase


Weekly Deals
Starts on a Sunday till Saturday each week.  If you want to get on the free deals plan to head out on Sunday or Monday for first dibs.
Freebie Deals
Subscribe to my weekly drug store freebie post here before you head to the drug store.  Print coupons from, RedPlum & Smartsource to lower your out of pocket down to zero and even make you some money.

Free Coupons
Look for this Coupon Kiosk in store, plan to scan your card each time you visit as its been known to spit out free coupons and also high value coupons that you can use to get products for free
More Free Coupons
CVS offers a FREE program called the CVS Advisor Panel. Just sign up to become a member here for this panel and CVS will email you online surveys throughout the year to gather your input about CVS stores, products and services. Complete the surveys and you will snag self-printable CVS Extra Bucks typically valued from $5 to $15!

Yet More Free Coupons
Don’t forget that you can get a $4 coupon instantly if you haven’t already. Just register your Extra Care Card Online here to sign up for CVS email offers and the $4 off $20 in-store coupon will be sent to you via email!  When you pair up your $4/$20 coupon with a freebie deal here it will turn into a nice moneymaker.
Coupon Policy
CVS allows the following coupons:
Store coupons, including CRTs and in-ad coupons and manufacturer coupons including printable coupons Competitor Rx coupons, i.e. a Walgreens coupon for a $25 Gift Card for a transferred Rx can be used at the CVS pharmacy counter
Extra Bucks (EBs) – You are allowed one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item (this is called stacking).  EBs are NOT considered a store coupon and may be redeemed just like a gift card, and you can use as many as your purchase total will allow per transaction.
Keep an eye out for my next drug store explained that will be posted soon....



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