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Do you dare watch Extreme Couponing on TLC at 9pm EST?

Extreme Couponing airs at 9pm tonight

Are you watching?  Do you dare?

I'm actually cringing thinking about it.  I like to coupon under the radar and frankly extreme couponing does not appeal to me and actually gives us couponers a bad stereotype.  I coupon to save some money on the things I need so I can buy the things I want.  I do not want to be greedy and clear a store shelf so I can hoard items in my attic and basement.

One of the extreme couponers can be found at We use Coupons here.

What's your take on this?


TheCuttingEtch said:

I think it is very selfish to wipe out an entire stock of a product. Honestly who needs 300 toothbrushes and 60 bottles of mustard??

Anonymous said:

I agree with the above comment. Nobody needs 77 bottles of mustard. 39 cents each is a pretty good deal, but only good enough for me to buy 3 or 4. If I were getting them free or cents-back, I might buy 10 and donate half, but even then, it's a lot of mustard! :)

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