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Manufacturers coupons will be banned effective 5/1!!!!

I just woke up with an email from the FTC saying manufacturer coupons will be phased out and banned effective May 1, 2011 due to fraudulent missuse. 

Here's an excerpt taken from their website:
Due to fraudulent misuse of manufacturer coupons the use of said item will be phased out and effective May 1st, 2011 manufacturer coupons will no longer be available to the public or redeemed.

I guess people are making copies and the stores do not have the manpower to police such efforts.  Wow there goes our way of saving!  Everyone needs to write to them and complain...... 

Or we can laugh because...

Did I get you LOL?  leave a comment....

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Anonymous said:


Jackie said: almost had me!

Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said:

You are CRUEL! I was set to send this to all my couponing-loving friends!

The Freebie Junkie said:

Happy April Fools Day everyone : ) Come back and share how you got your friends and family! My son came and told me his tooth fell out, of course it didn't LOL

Unknown said:

That is so not funny!!!! I thought I was gonna cry!!!!!! LOL Thanks Angela

Me! said:

That's a good one!

DealiriousMama said:

Okay.. you seriously made my heart stop for a minute there. lol

PAFM1964 said:

LOL I was just getting good at couponing too. I was making a mad face :( now :)

Tampa Fishing Charters said:

Well ya got me on this one and its not even the

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