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Pamper Mom $300 Cash Giveaway {Facebook Links Group 2}


Sleeplessgal said:

I've seen mine! :)Thanks! Excited with this :)

riablahgs said:

Thanks for the post Angela. Saw my link and so excited about this giveaway!

It's My Party blog

Anonymous said:

'Like'd all.

Anonymous said:

Like them all :)

Anonymous said:

need the money to pay my electric bill thank you!

kamz said:

just done liking all! good luck to everyone!

Constance Vann said:

thank you to all of the bloggers who came together to make this giveaway possible.

Jeanbeltran said:

liked everyone!! thanks for this giveaway!!!

loue said:

liked all..

(¯•Gecas Realm•¯) said:

Done liking all :D

Susan Ruff said:

Dido. All liked! :)

heidi said:

Thank you all

lanie said:

like them all, thanks!

Tina said:

Liked! Good luck to all participants..

Mrs Nobody said:

Liked all. One has an error. I tried refreshing the page, but it still won't post. It is the one right after Misadventures with Andi. It doesn't show the name.

Mrs Nobody said:

After i published my comment, then Flabby Fashionista showed up.

Nata Cynthia Artistadonna said:

like all

Anonymous said:

Liked all. Thanks for the giveaway.

Jenny said:

Liked all! Thank you & good luck to everyone! - Jennifer Stone-Alvarez

Anonymous said:

Thanks! Liked all around! -Diana Millan

athena said:

liked them all! said:

Thank you all. Im hoping to score a win with this. Boy, do I need it.

Aira ♥ said:

Like them all :D

Kylee Fulton said:

Wouldnt let me add my profile name to rafflecopter after liking pages wanted to add it here
Kylee Wesley Fulton!/profile.php?id=100000522373530

Istin said:

liked them all :)

Anonymous said:

nice blog

Shengkay said:


Loretta Hurt said:

Thanks to all the Sponsors for this giveaway......

'JannieJ' said:

Thank you so much to those of you who don't make us 'confirm' pages after 'liking' them. It makes this process so much easier... :) Thank you... :)

Karen Chayne said:

liked them all!

Shirley said:

I would buy a new TV

Milrose Antonio Fajardo said:

liked!!! : )

Unknown said:

Liked all of them. thanks.

Nacho Bing said:

liked all! sure could use the money for the schooling of kiddos

Unknown said:

liked them all! thank you!!

luisa Giron said:

I liked them all~ i hope i'll win :)

Efunny said:

liked all

Anonymous said:

Thank you to everyone who is making this giveaway possible, and good luck to everyone!

Jess said:

Liked them all! :)

Anonymous said:

liked them all!;)thanks!

Liz said:

liked all! said:

Liked all!

joannie said:

I like them all. Thanks for the chance to win. jscddmj[at]aol[dot]com

binabug said:

if its visible to Canada then I was able to like it

BooBoo6968 said:

i need the money to buy a new car, in need of one bad

Genny said:

like all

Anonymous said:

Liked all, thanks

Ashley S said:

Liked all =]

MelissaE said:

Liked them all.

Sarafan2 said:

Totally terrific giveaway. Thanks so much.

Dianna said:

Thanks for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway

lovemychoc said:

I liked them all;D Thanks for the opportunity!

lovemychoc said:

Liked them all!!! Thanks for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway!!

Anonymous said:

Thanks for the great giveaway and the chance to win liked all sponsors :)

Anonymous said:

So much fun

Thrifty WIfey & Mommy said:

Liked all

Anonymous said:

Liked all. Thanks for your generous offer...

Unknown said:

liked all. thank you for the opportunity.

Bluejay Mel said:

liked all :)

amil8 said:

liked everyone and thank you

anne said:

Followed all! :) thank you!

Karren said:

done liking.. good luck to everyone :)

Anonymous said:

liked them all... thanks :)

Anonymous said:

liked them all!! thanks
email: ErikaNathanBraelyn(at)aol(dot)com

Charity and John said:

like them all!

Anonymous said:

like them all :)

Ashley Osmachenko said:


Kimberly said:

The likes for facebook are not showing up. I will check back later. I hope you have a great day.

Manilyn Bombarda said:

I liked them all
Hope to win ..

Rhea Nadine Sy said:


brandi said:

liked and loved them all!!! ;)

Unknown said:

Thank you for the AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

jenny at dapperhouse

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said:

Thanks for the giveaway!


Susan Lolo Bua said:

Like all.
thank you,
Many blessing.

Anonymous said:

Liked them all!

Zoe said:


bonz said:

Liked them! :))

lovemychoc said:

I LIKED them ALL! Thanks for this Mom's fabulous giveaway!

Anonymous said:

thanks liked them all thanks

marie said:

Liked them all! :)

Spots8105 said:

Liked all.

Tammy said:

Good Luck to all, I just "liked" all of them.

Carmen Lebron said:

I Like thia...Nice giveaway

Carmen Lebron said:

Liked them alll

isisdiamond said:

thank you for giveaway

Sleighprincess said:

Liked them all

charissa hysell blacklidge said:

Liked em all...would be nice to use it to pay off some bills

Unknown said:

I'm getting to be a professional LIKER <3 ! thanks to all for hosting so someone will have a VERY sunny SPRING!

Kerry said:

I liked them...only see 5 so I hope that's right!

Dolpnlover said:

Like Kerry, I only see 5 as well. I've refreshed repeatedly! I hope this is correct as of 4/18.

Anonymous said:

Liked them all!

Shelley Bgreen said:

I would love to use this for an iPad. woohoo

adoptbc said:

Liked all-- thank you! :)

LisaAquinoVlog said:

like the pages...

Sharon Braswell said:

Liked all!!!
Thank You!!!

samamfee said:

Yes I did them all.

LN said:

liked all :)

surveylvr said:

Like them ALL!!!! thank you Very much! said:

Thank you for this giveaway!

Heather Herrera said:

I liked all :)

monteml said:

Thanks so much!!Happy Mother's day ;=)

bromleylisa27 said:

liked them all

Barbara Tryon said:

Awesome giveaway

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