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Five summer getaways every kid should experience

As a child my parents didn't have much money to spare for big summer vacation trips like my friends would tell me about during our first week back to school.  While we did not take two weeks vacations to Spain or traveled to Disney World like everyone else, we still had a lot of fun on a budget as my parents would take fun local day trips and being creative with how they spent their money. I guess thats where I get my frugalista ways from. 

Here are top 5 summer getaways every kid should experience on a small budget

1. Trip to the beach - we lived an hour away from the seaside and we would take the train down for the day at the weekends.  We would each carry a bucket and spade and spend the whole day looking for shells and dipping our feet in the water.  For the cost of a train ticket, the whole beach was our playground.  Plus we were given some change and had fun in the arcade center playing games and trying to win some stuffed animals.  The sea breeze, sand between your toes and sun drenched days come flooding back from my childhood every time I hit the beach as an adult.

2.  Trip to the museum - my mum would look for free events at art museums and we would head to them all summer long.  The best part we would be inside on a hot day enjoying the free air conditioning too. 

3.  Trip to the big city - We'd head on a train to the city and the train ride would be an adventure in itself as we went above ground and then underground.  The rush of the city was fabulous for any small child but then we'd buy takeout and head to the quiet of the city park and have a picnic as a family. 

4. Trip to your next local town - we'd hop on a bus and ride till the end of the stop and then hop on the next bus back.  We have double decker buses in England and the ride up front on the top deck is a wonderful experience.  We went back to England last fall and my son got to experience the double decker buses and this was the highlight of his trip.  There's so much to see just in your next local town.

5. Trip to the market - My mum would give us each some money to spend while at our local outdoor market.  Our market sold fruit, vegetables, clothes, toys, you name it they had it and this was a fun experience as we watched my mum haggle the price of vegetables down and we would spend our money at the candy stall.

Getaways do not have to be elaborate or expensive for kids.  Just the experience of leaving their home and back yard is enough to yield wonderful memories.  Now I have children of my own, I love to help them build great memories both locally, nationally and internationally.

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