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Kymaro Body Shapers and Bust-Up Cups Review

My body has succumbed to gravity much to my dismay, most of it is self inflicted through my desk snacking habit and some through just getting older.  I'm trying to help myself by snacking on good stuff and working out but you know the story, life happens ; )
Recently I had some fun events to attend and I cheated by checking out the Kymaro body shaper product lines to achieve that sleek body shape that I once had....
Body Shaper
Kymaro has a new body shaper that will smooth out your backside, waist area and bra bulge instantly.  I liked that I can wear my own bra with it as I need help in that area too.  Its perfect under a dress as it gives me the sleek womanly look without me having to suck my tummy in.  A bottom shaper is included with the body shaper and was a perfect addition for an all over sleek look.  these retail for $29.99 so not a bad price if you need to smooth everything out without having to hold your breath all night.

Bust-Up Cups
My kids stole my cups....  there's no way I'm going under the knife so I'm happy to wear padded bras.  For special occasions when I need that extra lift I use inserts, but I must admit I hate the plastic that makes your boobs sweat and they move around on you.  Kymaro's new bust-up cups are lightweight, breathable and mold to any size breast (supports up to DD cup - I wish).    These felt good and comfortable and they didn't move which was reassuring as there's nothing worse than having to shift them around all night.  These retail for $29.99 too, perfect to add a little lift to your bathing suit as they are also waterproof ; )

Purchase your Kymaro Body Shaper online here and bust up cups here
If you have SwagBucks to use, then purchase the body shapers on for $18.80 + Shipping.
Disclosure: I was provided Kymaro samples for my honest opinion, others opinions may vary.


Anonymous said:

You might also want to try Skweez Couture when it comes out in September. It looks like it's going to be stylish and supportive. I'm looking forward to checking it out when it comes out!

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