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Review: Children's Claritin

Allergy season has been kicking my behind lately and I've had to give my daughter some Children's Claritin to help her through the day as at daycare they venture out on a daily basis and sneezing and an allergy related cough has started to develop.

I like that this is the only non-drowsy formulation that also provides a powerful 24 hour relief plus the # 1 Pediatrician brand.  My daughter loves it because its grape flavor and helps her get out of the fog.

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Anonymous said:

Claritin never has been effective for me. Of course, NOTHING is being effective enough for my son or me this allergy season!

The Freebie Junkie said:

I've had to use multiple products for my allergies, this season has been so bad. Talk to your Dr to see what your options are - my Dr was really helpful.

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