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"School's Out Freebies" - Free Play

School's letting out next month so let's look at "School's Out Freebies" - Free Play

Its a scary world out there and letting kids out from dusk till dawn is a thing of the past.  You can let kids be kids with some careful planning
Free Play
i) Organize a potluck neighborhood event or even a street party with your neighbors
ii) Play soccer/football/baseball with some neighborhood friends
iii) Have a yard sale and with the profits put it towards a fun activity.  This will teach the kids the value of money.
iv) Set up a lemonade stand for charity (Alex's Lemonade)
v) Take your kids on a bike ride through the park or your neighborhood
vi) Go on a hike in a local park or even just your neighborhood - go meet some new neighbors
vii) If your kids are older get them involved in cutting out coupons and let them see how much they can save or even make money through the freebie deals presented on here.
viii) Stargazing - print star maps here and make a night of it
ix) Find some kid friendly recipes online and work together to make a yummy dinner together
x) Start a book club with friends and neighbors


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